April 2019

White Collar Boxing @ Legends Rugby Club

In April 2019, I (Marcus Warry, founder of Gloves & Glory) helped East Coast boxing club organise a white collar boxing event at Legends Rugby Club. This was before Gloves & Glory existed, and so was an East Coast Boxing Club event. With 500 people in attendance, it was a great success, and it planted the seed in my mind for what has now become “Gloves & Glory Uganda Boxing Foundation”!

Denzel valiantly got involved – and here is landing a punch!!

We had several youth boxers from East Coast Boxing Club fighting as a warm up, then 13 main fights including white collar fights, and some proper amateur fights too (including Miiro Juma, recent Commonwealth bronze medalist). Obviously I wanted to fight too, and being 100kg, I went on on at the end, and had my first every fight (a draw!).

What is white collar boxing?

The spirit of white collar boxing (if you don’t already know), is when (traditionally) office workers, get fight ready in 8 weeks, and then have their moment of glory in the ring. Friends, Colleagues and family come an support and sponsor them, so it’s a great way to raise funds!

How much did we raise?

We managed to raise about 7m UGX ($1,800) for East Coast Boxing Club, and this supported two of the coaches to do their AIBA training and also enabled many of the East Coast boxers to make it to the youth championships! It’s just a start, and we’re still working on other other fundraising activities to improve the facilities at the gym.

Live streaming the event!

We also live streamed the event, and had about 250 viewers in countries around the world, including the UK, Canada, South Africa, Kenya and even Afghanistan. All future events will be live streamed, and pay per view, to raise more funds for the cause.

Thank you to our sponsors

We are very grateful to our sponsors Legends Rugby Club, Aramex & Multi Sports. We could not have put this on without their fantastic support!