Boxing Club

We’re based in Ultimate Fitness Kampala in the industrial area of Kampala, next to Fast Sports Fusion. This premium sports facility has fantastic changing rooms, sauna, steam room, massage & physio services – as well as a range of fantastic places to eat and drink, including REF Cafe, Endiro & August ’80. So whether you come morning or evening, you can fuel up before, or refuel afterwards all under one roof.

We run ‘white collar boxing’ classes throughout the week, 8 week training programmes to get you fight ready (you can fight in one of our events), and we can also set you up with 1 on 1 training with one of our amazing coaches too.

Gloves & Glory is lucky to have Olympians, Common wealth medalists, Ugandan boxing legends, and lads on the national teal (the bombers) on our coaching & training team. So you’re in amazing hands, particularly if you are really keen to learn the sport!

GRAND PLANS! Our plan in the future is to expand into a 500 square metre elite boxing club and 1000 capacity arena, to further achieve our goal of bringing back the glory days of Ugandan boxing. An oak tree starts with an acorn, we’d love you to join us on this journey.

White collar & keep fit training

Group classes:

Our focus is on training men, women, girls & boys at any skill level, for White Collar events (that we organise). However, the boxing training is also an excellent cardio workout for fitness, weight loss or for fun, so we encourage ANYONE to give it a go.

It’s 20k per class. Gloves and hand wraps will be provided for newcomers. We sell them too, and would certainly encourage you to get your own if you become a regular!

The group classes are as follows.

Monday – 7pm – 8.30pm (dust off the weekend cobwebs!!)

Wednesday – 7pm – 8.30pm (happy hump day!!)

Other classes – We will respond to demand and offer new classes on the weekend, and in the mornings at times that seem to be popular – so don’t be shy to tell us what you want!

Please let Marcus know if you are coming along, as it’s nice to have an idea of numbers, so we know how many coaches to have along. Our aim is to have one coach for each two or three clients. Marcus’ WhatsApp: +44 7879 812 789 or Call +256 786 080 495

8 week white collar training programme

We’ll get you fight ready for one of our events in 8 weeks. The next one is in April!!

This will be a combination of group classes, sparring sessions, and one on one sessions – and we’ll tailor the programme and the cost (and even the locations) to suit your needs! Please talk to Marcus about this.

To give you an idea – 1m UGX – would cover unlimited everything for 8 weeks. Train like a beast, become a beast, and have you moment of glory in the ring.

Entrance fee into the white collar event:

200k UGX entrance fee into the white collar event if you chose to fight, and if you are deemed to be ready to fight. If you aren’t ready in 8 weeks, we’ll get you ready for the next one. We need to make this decision based on safety.

1 on 1 training:

30k UGX per session, lasting about an hour to an hour an half. If you really want to work on your skills, and enjoy personal attention from a top coach, then this will work better for you. This can be scheduled at a time that suits you. I would highly recommend you come to us in the mornings, from around 7am! It’s a brilliant way to start the day.