Boxing Academy

Future Boxing champions? Taken at East Coast Boxing Club, Naguru

What’s astounding about Uganda, is how much latent talent there is here. Gloves & Glory Boxing Academy is here to to help the talent shine.

Amongst the coaches at Gloves & Glory, we’re lucky enough to have National Heroes, Common Wealth medalists and Olympians, all with a huge passion for sharing what they have learned with underprivileged youth in the local area.

Hassan Khalil, who boasts an extraordinary fight record for Uganda, is a Director of Gloves & Glory, and one of our talent scouts.

To start off the academy, we are currently searching for our first 3 youth boxers. And we will announce who we have selected in the middle of 2020.

Gloves & Glory Boxing Academy, is here to give the youth boxers the best chance of success in and out of the ring. So as well as providing them with free boxing coaching, vital equipment, and travel to tournaments etc, We will also pay for their school fees, and emphasise the importance of taking their education seriously, and thinking about their long term careers too.

We are starting with just 3 youth boxers, but as resources allow, we want to grow this academy, and if you are interested in helping us, then please get in touch!

When you think of the incredible international success Uganda has in boxing, with the negligible support they have had to achieve to this – just think where they could be, with a little bit of help from us, and maybe you!