Boxing Foundation

Youth boxing getting fighting fit at East Coast Boxing Club

“Gloves & Glory” is a social enterprise that creates boxing & white collar events & competitions with the proceeds going back to supporting the boxing clubs, underprivileged youth boxers & their local communities.


We believe that free boxing coaching for underprivileged young people, has the power to change and transform lives. Our vision is to raise the profile of Ugandan boxing internationally & to bring back more medals for Uganda.

Mission Statement:

Our boxing events not only raise funds for our cause, but also provide a platform for youth, amateur and elite boxers, and help raise the profile of the sport.

We will give grants to Boxing Clubs to improve their facilities. We offer advice on how to improve their income streams, operations and long term sustainability

We will identify and support young talent through our “Gloves & Glory Boxing Academy”, with equipment, travel and school fees

We will encourage the boxing clubs & boxers we work with to reach out and become role models for their communities. 

We will monitor the impact we have on the clubs and communities we support. We will also monitor how effective we are at raising the profile of boxing & the medal tally for Uganda.