Supporting Youth Boxers & Grassroots boxing clubs in Uganda.

We want to bring hack the glory days of Ugandan boxing, when we used to be the third best boxing nation in the world!

The main point of Gloves & Glory is to support the youth boxers, the grassroots boxing clubs, and the communities around them. supporting existing talent, and nurturing the talent of tomorrow, so that in the future we get more medals and glory for Uganda.

We have already raised some money for East Coast Boxing Club, Naguru, to revamp the club, put two coaches through AIBA training, and also send some youth boxers to tournament. If you feel like you need a hand too, please get in touch with us.

We are trying hard to build bridges between the UK & Uganda, by making relationships with British Boxers & Boxing Clubs. If you are a Boxer from the UK, or fram anywhere quite frankly, and you’ve got a soft spot for what we’re trying to do, then please do get in touch with us!

East Coast Boxing Club, one of the best boxing clubs in Uganda

There’s a severe shortage of equipment and support out here for the young talent – and yet despite this Uganda still gets medals at the highest levels of the sport. This is what we find so inspiring, but also pretty sad – as any of the youth boxers train without gloves, wraps or gum shields, and mostly outside too, without any punch bags even. Imagine how good they could be with a bit of support?!

So anything from sending over some old gloves, to coming over here and fighting in one of our events, to making a donation, to sponsoring us – would be hugely appreciated, and we will make sure that your support goes a very long way.