October 2019

This event has already happened. Below was what we wrote to promote the event. We tried to raise enough money for them to fix the boxing ring, and we made a start, but this campaign to fix their boxing ring is still ongoing. If you can help please contact Marcus Warry – marcus@glovesandglory.com

EAST COAST: The Next Generation

Sunday 6th October, 2pm – 7pm

East Coast Boxing Club, Naguru

(find on Google Maps)

Come and see the next generation of East Coast Boxers, girls and boys showcase their skills in the ring, and support a great cause too!

It’s a free event, but Gloves & Glory will be present to collect donations, needed to help fix the boxing ring, which needs some major work, as you can see from the pictures below!

Because the boxing ring is so old, it takes days to put it up, but not only that, when it’s built, the floor is uneven, and the canvas has big holes in it.

Sadly, when you watch some fights, you see the boxers tumbling and even tripping up. As if boxing isn’t already challenging enough!

I can promise that this will be a great afternoon of boxing, with judges from the Amateur Boxing Federation present, the youth boxers will be putting on a show for you and the local community! It’s a free event, but if you can spare some change for this fundraiser, then every little helps!!

The ring needs about 4m UGX spent on it, to fix it properly

When East Coast has a proper ring, thats safe and easy to assemble, they can more easily host events every month, not only giving the youth and amateur boxers vital ring experience, but also enabling East Coast Boxing Club to make a more sustainable income stream by hosting regular events too.

The Boxing Club needs a great deal more than just a ring of course. East Coast Coaches train the kids for free, and many of the youth boxers need simple things like gloves, wraps and mouth guards! So improving the ring, really will help put East Coast on a stronger footing going forward!

Large donations or corporate sponsorship?

If you’re prepared to donate around 1m UGX, then when we get the new canvass made, we can put your logo on it. We can also talk about branding the ropes, and potentially other equipment in the boxing club too, like much needed punch bags for example.

If you’d like to discuss this, then please get in touch with marcus@glovesandglory.org

More generally, Gloves & Glory are looking to work with companies and organisations that are interested in supporting grassroots boxing clubs in Uganda. If you’d like to help us rebuilt this old boxing ring, then great! Or perhaps you’d like have you and your brand present at one of our bigger boxing events in the future too? Please do get in touch.

Thank you, and hope to see you on Sunday!!