Free Online Boxing Classes

Partly because of Corona Virus (have you heard about it?!), and partly because it’s cool, we are now offering a FREE online boxing and fitness class, that you can join in with from the safety and comfort of your own home…

From Uganda, our dream is to teach the world how to box and keep fit. We have the best coaches in Uganda, including Commonwealth medalists, Olympians and active boxers on the National team (the bombers).

What ever level you are at with boxing, or even if you just want to keep fit, we can look after you. and help you reach your goals. And if you get really good, & you want to fight, then get stuck into our next White Collar event!

When is the Free online Boxing class?

Every Saturday 10am (East Africa Time!)


Just download Zoom (computer or phone is fine), and then click on this link to join – it’s that simple!

Zoom Meeting ID: 756 214 3735

Please login 5 minutes before the class, to ensure that we can let you in to class…. once the class starts, you can also join, but it causes us a bit of faff, so please join before! X

Subscribe today!

If this sounds interesting, subscribe today, and in our weekly email, we will remind you when the classes are for the following week, so you also know when we add more classes!!

Join us wherever you are in the world

We’re based in Kampala, Uganda, but you might be in London, New York, Tokyo, Timbuktu, up a tree somewhere in the mountains… it doesn’t matter! Wherever you are, you can join our online boxing class!!

To convert East Africa Time to your local time, please use this handy website!

How does this work?

We use Zoom, which is like Skype, but million times better. All you have to do is click on the link above and then you join our Zoom “meeting”, and you can see & hear our instructors… and get stuck in. You can do this from your computer or any mobile phone…

If you turn your camera on, we can see you too! This is nice, because we can say “hello”, but it also means we can see if you’re doing the moves right, and help you improve your fitness and boxing techniques. Watching without the video turned on is ok too..

Want to work on your techniques?

We can even do one on one classes for you, if you want. Our coaches are the best in Uganda, including Olympians, Commonwealth medal winners and national champions, so whether you are a beginner of more advanced, they can help get you to the next stage.

This works the same way, using Zoom, but it’s not free, but it’s still a bargain at $10 for an hour though…

So please subscribe today, to stay in the loop!