Father Christmas is coming to the Kampala ghettos too...

Please support our boxers & their communities...

We started this online shop to help the community around East Coast Boxing Club in Naguru, during the covid lockdown, but now it’s specifically a Christmas shop to raise a bit of Christmas cheer!

At our little shop, you can buy specific presents, for the kids, or bundles of food for a a Christmas feast, or specifically a chicken – which would be quite a treat!

Life is hard at the best of times in Kampala’s Ghettos, so please help me add some Christmas cheer, and I will update my Facebook with pictures and a special THANK YOU!!

95% of the donation goes directly on buying christmassy things! 5% covers the PayPal fees, and logistics, so we can safely buy and distribute the presents and food responsibly.

You can also follow our progress and updates on Instagra


Essentials Items

  • Soap (family sized bar)

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  • Child or adult face mask

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  • Sanitary pads – (1 pack)

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  • Essential bundle

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  • Hula Hoop – for skills & fitness!

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  • Christmas bundle – we’ll buy some stuff for the kids

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  • Brand new football! (not this one!)

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  • Sports bundle – we’ll buy what’s needed most

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Thank you for shopping with us! We will deliver the items on Christmas Day to those in need in the Kampala Ghetto in Naguru.

If you’ve finished shopping, then please complete the purchase by clicking on the basket in the top right corner! PayPal, Debit & Credit Cards are all accepted!