Who are we?

The Founders of Gloves & Glory are Marcus Warry, Ian Payne & Hassan Khalil. We all met at East Coast Boxing Club in Naguru, where Hassan is the head coach.

Hassan Hussein Khalil & East Coast Boxing Club

Hassan & his twin brother Hussein started East Coast about 10 years ago, to help the kids and the community. It’s probably the best Amateur boxing club in Uganda, and many of the boys and girls have gone on to achieve success at National and International level. Hussein himself won gold at the Commonwealth Games in the 80’s. Both Hassan & Hussein have extraordinary fight records in their illustrious careers and are legends of the sport in Uganda.

Marcus Warry at East Coast Boxing Club, getting beaten up by a boy….

Marcus Warry came from the UK in 2018 to train at East Coast Boxing Club for a UK White Collar fight in 2018. He was made a patron of the club, and helped them launch a White Collar Boxing event in April 2019, where he also had his first first fight (a draw). With some help from East Coast and his London Boxing Club, Miguels, in July 2019 he had his first UK White Collar fight, and won with a TKO. Marcus is a Chartered Accountant & Entrepreneur, inspired by the amount of talent in Uganda, he wants to help nurture it, and bring back the glory days of Uganda boxing.

Ian Payne with a lot of shoes people kindly donated to his cause “Shoe Share Uganda”

Ian Payne came to Uganda in 2019, and works for the British High Commission. He has a passion for running & boxing, setting up a Sunday running Club at East Coast Boxing Club. When he realised many of the runners didn’t have any shoes, Ian asked his friends to send over their old pairs, and this snowballed into started Shoe Share Uganda, you can check the Facebook page here.